World Wildlife Day

Every year, people all over the world hold all kinds of events to celebrate World Wildlife Day. Their aim is to raise awareness of the beauty and the importance of our natural world and to look for ways to protect and conserve it. How it first started In December 2013, 40 years after it had […]

Women heard: International Women’s Day most talked about on Facebook

Interest in International Women’s Day grows on social networks In a year when women broke the silence about the extent of the sexual harassment they have experienced and its impact on their personal and professional lives, it was perhaps not surprising that Facebook first reported International Women’s Day was the most talked about topic on the social networking […]

Feminism was Merriam-Webster online dictionary’s most looked up word

Curiosity over “feminism” surged a nmumber of years ago “Feminism” had more people scratching their heads more than any other word a few years ago, according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary. The noun was looked up more than any other word, a 70 percent increase from the previous year, coinciding with a spike in news coverage related to […]

Coronavirus: how media coverage of epidemics often stokes fear and panic

New contagious diseases are scary. They frighten us because they are unknown and unpredictable. The ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus has received extensive media attention, coverage that can tell us a lot about how uncertainty in the face of such an epidemic can all too easily breed fear. For about a decade, I have been studying […]

A new language doesn’t hamper kids learning. Other things do

South Africa is a linguistically and culturally diverse country. There are 11 official languages and several other minority languages. But English continues to be preferred as the language of learning and teaching.  Many South African children are still in the process of learning English by the time they first start going to school. In a single […]